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Nagoya University researcher's James Webb Space Telescope discovery selected as Top 10 Breakthrough for 2023

A discovery published in a study lead-authored by Dr. Daichi Kashino during his time at the Nagoya University Institute of Advanced Research (IAR) has been selected by Physics World, published by the Institute of Physics, as one of its Top 10 Breakthroughs for 2023. The research, which used data from the JWST, found that light from ancient galaxies was involved in the reionization of hydrogen gas around one million years after the Big Bang, or around 13 billion years ago.

Dr. Daichi Kashino

The celestial area observed by JWST in this study (the central 8% of the entire survey field is shown). The quasar J0100+2802 that was used as a "beacon" to extract the information about the intervening gas in this work appears as a bright "star" at the center of the image. Image ©︎ The EIGER collaboration