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Academic Charter

Appreciating the intrinsic role and historical and social mission of universities, Nagoya University, as a seat of learning, hereby defines its fundamental principles of scholarly activity.

Nagoya University maintains a free and vibrant academic culture with the mission of contributing to the well-being and happiness of humankind through research and education in all aspects of human beings, society, and nature. In particular, it aspires to foster the harmonious development of human nature and science, and to conduct highly advanced research and education that overlook the broad sweep of humanities, social and natural sciences. Towards this goal, Nagoya University endeavours to implement a variety of measures based on the fundamental objectives and policies outlined below, and to unremittingly carry out its responsibilities as a pivotal university.

1. Fundamental Objectives: Research and Education

  1. Nagoya University, through creative research activity, shall pursue the truth and produce results of scholastic distinction on the international stage.
  2. Nagoya University, through an education that values initiative, shall cultivate courageous intellectuals endowed with powers of rational thought and creativity.

2. Fundamental Objectives: Contribution to Society

  1. Nagoya University, in spearheading scientific research, and through the cultivation of human resources capable of exercising leadership both in the domestic and international arenas, shall contribute to the welfare of humanity and the development of culture, as well as to global industry.
  2. Nagoya University shall put to good use the special characteristics of the local community and, through multi-faceted research activities, contribute to the development of the region.
  3. Nagoya University shall promote international academic co-operation and the education of for-eign students, and contribute to international exchange, especially with Asian nations.

3. Fundamental Policies: Research and Education System

  1. Nagoya University shall study the various phenomena of the humanities, society and nature from an all-inclusive viewpoint, respond to contemporary issues, and adjust and enrich its edu-cation system to generate a new sense of values and body of knowledge founded on humanity.
  2. Nagoya University shall provide for an education system that rightly inherits and develops intel-lectual resources cultivated in the world's intellectual traditions, and promote educational activi-ty that is both advanced and innovative.
  3. Nagoya University, through the active despatch of information and exchange of personnel, and interinstitutional co-operation in Japan and abroad, shall shape the international foundation of academic culture.

4. Fundamental Policies: University Administration

  1. Nagoya University shall at all times support scientific enquiry based on the autonomy and initia-tive of its members, and guarantee freedom of academic research.
  2. Nagoya University shall require its members to participate in the drafting and implementation of both ideals and objectives related to research and education, as well as administrative principles.
  3. Nagoya University, in addition to promoting autonomous assessment and evaluation from its members with regard to research, education and administrative activity, shall actively seek critical appraisal from external authorities, and aspire to be an accessible university.