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Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) Programs

The Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program provides funding support for establishing education and research centers that perform at the apex of global excellence to elevate the international competitiveness of Japanese universities. The program will strengthen and enhance the education and research functions of graduate schools, to foster highly creative researchers who will go on to become world leaders in their respective fields through experiencing and practicing research of the highest world standard in an international exposed environment. Furthermore the program will enhance the attractiveness of Nagoya University to young global researchers and will promote global and interdisciplinary collaborations and exchange.

FieldProgram titleProgram leader
Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplinesFrom Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental StudiesGraduate School of Environmental Studies
Professor Yoshitsugu HAYASHI

FieldProgram titleProgram leader
Medical sciencesIntegrated Functional Molecular Medicine for Neuronal and Neoplastic DisordersGraduate School of Medicine
Professor Gen Sobue
Mathematics, physics, earth sciencesQuest for Fundamental Principles in the Universe: from Particles to the Solar System and the CosmosGraduate School of Science
Professor Naoshi SUGIYAMA
Mechanical, civil engineering, architectural and other fields of engineeringCOE for Education and Research of Micro-Nano MechatronicsGraduate School of Engineering
Professor Toshio Fukuda

FieldProgram titleProgram leader
Life sciencesAdvanced Systems-Biology: Designing The Biological FunctionGraduate School of Science
Professor Takao Kondo
Chemistry, material sciencesEstablishment of COE for Elucidation and Design of Materials and Molecular FunctionsResearch Center for Materials Science
Professor Yoshihito Watanabe
HumanitiesHermeneutic Study and Education of Textual ConfigurationGraduate School of Letters
Professor Shoichi Sato