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Guidebooks for Students

Guide to Nagoya University

This guidebook contains information about Nagoya University’s education and research. Furthermore, information about entrance exams and scholarships for international students, who wish to enter Nagoya University, is provided.
Guide to Nagoya University 2009 (5.7 MB)


Tutor System for International Students

This brochure explains the tutor system for newcomer international students. The tutor system aims to improve the study and research performance of international students through extracurricular coaching offered by current students on a personal basis. Although this brochure is intended for use of tutor students, international students who have newly arrived in Japan can get an idea of this service through this brochure.
Tutor Manual (2.2 MB)

Studying Tips at Nagoya University

Here are some suggestions and specific ideas for Nagoya University students wishing to obtain better educational opportunities. We collected examples of educational practices mainly through on-campus studies and made a database. The database was analyzed on the basis of achievements in the field of pedagogy. Now we can show you such educational practices in simple words.
Study Tips (700 KB)

GLOBAL 30 International Programs Brochure (Undergraduate Programs)

Information of undergraduate programs taught in English starting in October 2015.
International Programs 2019 (2.0 MB)
International Programs 2017 (2.0 MB)
International Programs 2015 (2.0 MB)


Guidebook for New International Students

This guidebook contains useful information about the preparation for admission for international students entering Nagoya University. It provides general information about climate and currency, survival Japanese phrases, and other information which international students may be interested in before they come to Japan.
Guidebook for New International Students 2017 (1.2 MB)
Guidebook for New International Students 2013 (1.2 MB)


Handbook for International Students

This handbook contains information needed for international students of Nagoya University. It provides information about daily life in Nagoya including information about accommodation and on-campus facilities.
Handbook for International Students 2017-2019 (3.8 MB)
Handbook for International Students 2013-2015 (3.8 MB)


Information about NUPACE

NUPACE 2020-2021 (6.9 MB)
NUPACE 2019-2020 (6.9 MB)
NUPACE 2015-2016 (6.9 MB)