Recent Activities

planned December 2021

Nagoya University Institute for Advanced Research – Freiburg University Hospital Joint Webinar

We are setting up a joint online lecture on the subject of "Innovative Cancer Therapies" with our partners at the University of Freiburg. This is a commemoration of the establishment of our Nagoya University European Center in 2010.

Stay tuned for information on the event date!

10-12 November 2021

Join us and get to know Japanese education and research institutions in Europe at the 2021 online JANET Forum! This year's theme will be “International Exchange During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Planning ahead for the next few years”.

Let's discover and discuss modern types of academic collaboration in the with- and post-COVID era!

21 October 2021

Joint "Study in Japan" Online Information Session (Finland)

Organized by our colleagues at Hokkaido University Helsinki Office, we presented Nagoya University's NUPACE and Global 30 international programs to prospective and current students at universities in Finland and Sweden.

Many thanks to Hokkaido University for setting up this greatly successful event, as well as to the young attendees for the lively break-out discussions and questions!

NUEC Manager Roland Berkemeier presents NU's international programs