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Professor Yusuke Yamauchi receives Australian Laureate Fellowship from Australian Research Council

Professor Yusuke Yamauchi of the Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering has been awarded a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship with a grant worth over AU$3 million by the Australian Research Council. The Australian Laureate Fellowship is awarded to exceptionally talented researchers in their field in science and technology, humanities, the arts and social sciences. Professor Yamauchi was eligible for the Fellowship as he is a cross-appointment with the University of Queensland.


Nanomaterials expert Professor Yamauchi, one of two researchers appointed as Nagoya University Distinguished Professors of Research Excellence this year alongside Nobel Prize winner Professor Hiroshi Amano, was one of six Nagoya University researchers to be named Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate this year, and the only researcher to be highly cited in two research fields. 

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