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There are several Nagoya University residences available to international research fellows and students.

Housing for International Researchers:

International Residence Higashiyama, Researchers Village Higashiyama, Housing in Noyori Conference Hall, Ikeda-cho Residence, Researchers Village Daiko and Researchers Village Yakumo.

The period of residency in each residence is more than 1 month, and limited to 1 year.

Housing for International Students:

Foreign Students House (Ryugakusei Kaikan), International Residence Higashiyama, International Ohmeikan House, International Residence Yamate North, International Residence Yamate South, Ishida Memorial International Residence Myoken and International Residence Daiko. Additionally, the International Student Center provides accommodation, training courses, consultation services and information for international students.

The period of residency in each residence is limited to 6 months.

Please see this link for more information.