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Schools & Research Institutes / Centers & The Library

Graduate Schools / Schools
Graduate School of Letters / School of Letters

Graduate School of Education and Human Development / School of Education

Graduate School of Law / School of Law

Graduate School of Economics / School of Economics

School of Informatics and Sciences

Graduate School of Science / School of Science

Graduate School of Medicine / School of Medicine

  • University Hospital
  • Center for Research of Laboratory Animals and Medical Research Engineering
  • Center for Neural Disease and Cancer

Graduate School of Engineering / School of Engineering

Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences / School of Agricultural Sciences

Graduate School of International Development

Graduate School of Mathematics

Graduate School of Languages and Cultures

Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Graduate School of Information Science

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Institutes
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability

  • Advanced Measurement Technology Center
  • Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics

Institute for Space and Earth Environmental Research

  • Center for International Collaborative Research
  • Center for Integrated Data Science
  • Center for Orbital and Suborbital Research

Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

EcoTopia Science Institute

  • Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Resource Recovery and Refinery in Asia

Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Education Planning & Development Center

Institute for Advanced Research

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules

Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports

Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe

University Library

Inter-University Service Facilities

Institute of Innovation for Future Society

  • Research and Development Center of Human and Mobility Society
  • Social Innovation Design Center

Inter-Departmental Education and Research Centers, etc.

Campus Consortiums

  • Study Consortium for Earth-Life Interactive System
  • Business Capacity Development Center
  • Center for Global Environmental Leaders
  • ImPACT Researcg Center for Advanced Nanobiodevices
  • Research Center for the Baba Residence
  • Plasma Medical Science Global Innovation Center
  • Program for Leading Graduate Schools
  • Innovation Strategy Office (provisional English name)

Technical Center