Nagoya University European Center

Center closure/hiatus

Thank you for your interest in Nagoya University European Center! As of April 2024, our Center is on hiatus and undergoing an organizational transformation. We express our sincere gratitude to all our partners in Freiburg and Europe for their support and collaboration over the past 14 years. Please stay tuned and check again soon to learn about our new initiatives in Europe!

The Nagoya University European Center was established in April 2010 in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) with the cooperation of the University of Freiburg. We support activities in research, education and international exchange between Nagoya University (NU) and University of Freiburg (UoF) as well as other European universities and related institutes.

Assisting in research collaboration efforts between NU and UoF is a focus of our center. As the university-level collaboration, we have supported the joint research programs between Freiburg Institutes for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) and Nagoya’s Institute for Advanced Research (IAR). Based on the established strong relationship with University of Freiburg, our activities have ranged to University of Strasbourg. The triangle collaboration among these universities has been intensified over last years and materialized the scheme of Summer School for PhD candidates starting in August 2017. Our center has also liaised with other NU partner universities and academic institutes as well as Japan Society for the Promotion of Science centers in Europe.


NU European Center moved into Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) in 2020

Information on NU programs

The FRIAS lounge

Our local staff in 2021

Information on NU programs

The FRIAS seminar room

FRIAS hallway


From our old NU European Center Office in November 2017