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Prof. Yoshitaka Itow of the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University, visited us at the Nagoya University European Center!

Prof. Itow gave us an in-depth report on his new collaboration with Prof. Marc Schumann of the Astroparticle Physics Group at the University of Freiburg in the field of darkmatter research within the DM International Research Unit.

The “DMnet”, supported by the JSPS Core-to-Core Program, is an international project adopted by the Nagoya University Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI) to conduct multidisciplinary dark matter research in the four fields of accelerator experiments, underground experiments, space observations and theoretical studies in collaboration with international research institutes and experimental facilities, and to form an early-career scientists' network to promote future plans and technology development for dark matter research. Prof. Itow is a managing member of the DMnet, where he also directly conducts experimental investigations of dark matter.

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