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Nagoya University AY2021 Graduation Ceremony Information

The Spring Graduation Ceremony for 2021 is scheduled as follows.

Confirmed information will be posted on this page in early February 2022.

The ceremony will be live-streamed for the benefit of students and their relatives who live abroad or far away. The URL for the live broadcast will be posted on this page before the ceremony begins.

2021 Spring Graduation Ceremony

Friday, March 25, 2022

The ceremonies for undergraduate students and graduate students will be held twice each at separate times, for a total of 4 ceremonies.

Start time and target audience

*The start time is an estimate as of now. Confirmed information will be announced in early February 2022.


〇1st Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduate Students Start at 9:20 a.m. (Must enter Toyoda Auditorium by 9:05 a.m.)

 For students of the School of Education, School of Informatics, School of Engineering, and the School of Agriculture Sciences


〇1st Graduation Ceremony for Graduate Students Start at 10:30 a.m. (Must enter Toyoda Auditorium by 10:15 a.m.)

 For students of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of International Development, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, and the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences


〇2nd Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduate Students Start at 11:40 a.m. (Must enter Toyoda Auditorium by 11:25 a.m.)

 For students of the School of Humanities, School of Letters, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Science, and the School of Medicine


〇2nd Graduation Ceremony for Graduate Students Start at 13:20 p.m. (Must enter Toyoda Auditorium by 13:05 p.m.)

 For students of the Graduate School of Humanities, Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Graduate School of Law, Law School, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Information Science, Graduate School of Informatics, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Mathematics, and the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences 



Toyoda Auditorium, Nagoya University (Live Streaming Venue: Symposion, Lecture Room, Faculty of Economics)


【Other Announcements】

◎To prevent new coronavirus infections, the following measures will be taken.

 ・We plan to limit the number of participants per session and increase the number of sessions compared to previous years.

・Admission to the Toyoda Auditorium will be limited to half of its capacity (approximately 600 people). Graduates who are unable to enter will be able to participate in the graduation ceremony via live streaming at the Symposion or in the School of Economics lecture room.

・Those with a fever or other cold symptoms will not be admitted (temperature check will be conducted at the entrance).

・Please avoid close quarters (especially in and around the Toyoda Auditorium), wear a mask (non-woven masks are recommended), disinfect your hands, wash your hands, and follow cough etiquette.

・Relatives of graduates and alumni are requested to watch the live broadcast or the on-demand broadcast after the ceremony. There will be no waiting area on campus for relatives on the day of the ceremony.

◎Please contact the following in advance if you have any disabilities and need assistance.

◎Depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection, we may have to change the format of the lecture or cancel it suddenly. In such a case, we will announce it on the website and the mailing list of the faculty/graduate school.

◎Degrees conferred by faculties and graduate schools will be announced separately by the faculty or graduate school to which you belong.

General Administration Division, Education & International Affairs Department, Nagoya University  Phone: +81-(0)52-789-2159